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As we age, our neck skin naturally looses collagen, appears loose and sagging. Apart from ageing, other factors can also contribute to having neck lines, such as genetics, sun damage and smoking. Due to anatomy of the neck area, nonsurgical options such as traditional filler or muscle relaxant injections do not work as well as we expect.

Thank to advances in technology in the last few years, we now have many options that give surgical like result without the risk of surgery.At Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty, you will have a free consultation with a medical practitioner to learn about these treatments.


Plexr soft surgery - Plasma sublimation

Plexr is an innnovative device, using plasma arch to create micro burns on the surface of your skin.Because these burns do not penetrate the dermal layer of your skin, they do not cause scarring but instead, they stimulate the dermal layer to create more collagen, while also removing the excess upper layers of your skin. The result is firmer skin that lasts for years.

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Profhilo filler

Profhilo filler is made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a key component of the nuturing environment around skin cells. When injected in your skin, HA will stimulate skin cell to create more collagen while also hydrating you skin. As oppse to normal HA fillers that treat wrinkles line by line, Profhilo filler is the only filler that can treat all the fine lines a wide area with a few injections, making it a perfect filler for neck or body skin. Results last 6 to 12 months. The advantage of this treatment is that there is no downtime.

Medical grade peel

When the upper layers of your skin are shed under the effect of chemical peel, your skin will be stimulated to create much more collagen and tighten, flattening all wrinkles on your skin. To achieve skin tightening effect, it has to be a deep peel, requiring 10-14 days of downtime. In our opinion, results of deep skin peel is not as good as Plexr soft surgery.

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