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Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Your hair grows from its follicles, which lie right under the surface of your skin. The tradition mechanical hair removal methods do not destroy these follicles, that's why your hair regrows immediately. Laser, which is light at a specific wave length, can penetrate your skin surface and burn the hair follicles while leaving the surrounding intact. Once hair follicles are burnt, it takes years for them to regenerate and regrow more hair.

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What to expect during treatment?

The procedure is carried out in 30-90 minutes, depending on area. Treatment is uncomfortable but anesthesia is not required. There will be some redness that quickly subsides, so you can get back to work immediately. It usually takes only one or two treatment sessions to see results and results last up to 6 months or more.


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Why have laser hair removal at Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty?

Not all laser machines are the same. Our laser machine use diode 808 as the light source. This wavelength is well known for it excellent safety and it works well for most skin type. It is usually downplayed because the pulse rate is slow, 1/s.


But this is no longer true with our latest dioded 808 system, maufactured in Germany, with a max pulse rate of 10/s, ensuring the fastest treatment session. Our studies have shown that this new diode system can reduce treatment time 4 times.


Further more, our laser head is intergrated with a Crystal Freeze cooling system. This system in fully automated and adjustable to your comfort, guarranteeing painfree treatment. Some clinics use seperate handheld cooling system for cost reasons. For this to work, the operator has to constantly focus on both the laser and the cooling. If the operator gets distracted, you will get a painful shot.


And last but not least, our operators are fully trained and have VTCT certificate.

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