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Are you having marionette lines and folds? Sagging jowls? Double chin?

Get rid of these problems now with Dr. Huynh, a non surgical facelift expert.

  • Immediate results

  • No cuts, no scarring.

  • Surgical like results in some cases.

  • Practically no down time.

  • Results last up to 3 years.

Time limited offer: 

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Why choose us?


  • GMC registered doctor, giving just medical info, no sales tactics.

  • One of a few provider of PCL thread lift (Aptos threads), twice longer lasting results compared to PDO threads.

  • Clinic is conveniently located near City Center.

  • Fantastic treatment results:

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What is thread lifting?

The method of face and body lift that we offer at our clinic is the APTOS Thread Lift, a non-invasive technique that lifts the skin by means of needle and special indented thread to rectify sagging skin and wrinkles, as well as contouring your face to your liking. The procedure takes 30 minutes to an hour, giving you instant results with much less down time or complication compare to surgical options.


Who is this procedure for?

We recommend this procedure for a range of skin issues including face and neck contour correction, saggy facial skin, loose neck, double chin, and sagging breasts. It results in a more youthful, fresh and energetic appearance. It is an individualized procedure depending on your face, skin, bone structure and your goals. It is a minimal invasive face lift

It is commonly done for both men and women from age 30, which is younger than for surgical face lift. It is simpler, more convenient and with shorter recovery than surgical facelift. The treatment can achieve moderate firming and rejuvenation with the effects lasting up to three years and it can be repeated several times.


What’s the difference between PDO threads and PCL threads?

There are considerable differences between the threads. PDO threads (polydioxanone –which is in the material from surgical stitches ) are fully absorbed after six months, which stimulates the body to create collagen around the threads. This new collagen then lasts another six months, resulting in the total length of PDO treatment lasting one year on average. Some clinics misleadingly claim that it can last up to two years but this very rarely happens. The threads that we use at Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty are made from PCL (polycaprolactone) threads which are manufactured by APTOS. The thread itself is fully absorbed over 18-24 months, stimulating the body to create collagen around the thread. This means that the collagen will last longer, so in total the PCL thread lift lasts 2-3 years.

What is the difference between thread lifting and surgery?

Thread lifting give you clear instant results in a lunch time procedure, with much less cost and down time. Results last 2-3 years and you can repeat the procedure many times. Although, there are some facial feature that can only be changed with surgery.


Is the procedure safe?

Dr Huynh works closely with patients and ensures they receive the very best treatment and care. Overall, the treatment's side effects are comparable to a few ml of dermal filler treatment. As one of the very few UK doctors legally allowed to use PCL thread rather than the traditional PDO threads that most clinics use, this ensures excellent results that are guaranteed to last twice as long.


How long will the procedure take?

The whole treatment shouldn’t last longer than an hour but this does depend on how many threads the doctor uses. We will discuss this with you during the first consultation.

Facelift with PCL threads

Dr Huynh is one of the pioneers in UK using threads made of PCL for longer lasting results.

Face lift and contour threads

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