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Forehead Lines 

What are forehead lines? 

Whenever you raise your eyebrows, squint or concentrate the muscles on your forehead contract and crease your skin. After years of frequent contraction, combined with environmental and lifestyle factors - such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and pollution - lines and wrinkles begin to form. These lines may show up as early as in your 20s, giving you the stressed angry look.

At Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty, you will get a free consultation to choose from our safest and most effective treatments.

Botox - Muscle relaxant injection

One of the most talked about treatment in Aesthetic Medicine, muscle relaxant injection gained its popularity thank to its excellent safety and fantastic guaranteed results.

It works by blocking the nerve signal from reaching your facial muscle, stopping the muscle from creasing the skin above. Results last 4 months.

 Dermal filler

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of your skin. When these HA molecules are formed as microparticles and injected under a wrinkles, these microparticles will stay under the wrinkles for months, plump up and flatten the wrinkles. Results for the forehead area last an average 6 -9 months.

Medical grade peel

When the upper layers of your skin are shed under the effect of chemical peel, your skin will be stimulated to create much more collagen and tighten, flattening all wrinkles on your skin. Results and downtime will vary, depending on the strength of the peel that you choose after a free consultation with our practitioner.

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