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Treatment Journey

Quick guide to our treatments:

If you feel lost in a jungle of treatments, just click 'Chat with us now' icon on the side, and one of our friendly staff will be with you shortly. Or you can also follow the quick guide below.


Concerned about a particular facial feature or wrinkle? Don't want a surgery?
Please visit these pages:

  • Wrinkle correction.

  • Face lift and contour with threads.

  • The Liquid face lift and contour.

Cyclical mood swing, loosing libido, hot flushes, vaginal laxity?
Please visit these pages:

  • The O Shot for sexual dysfunction.

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

  • Vaginal tightening with focused ultrasound.

Concerned about your skin and want to see real results? Please visit this page:

  • Medical grade skin care and peel.

  • The Perfect Peel.

  • Prescription facials.

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