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Vaginal tightening with focused ultrasound

What is vaginal tightening with focused ultrasound?

It is a non invasive procedure, using the energy of focus ultrasound to stimulate multiple layers of the vaginal wall to create more collagen and restore its elasticity.

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Who is this procedure for?

Ultrasound tightening is a very safe, non invasive procedure.
So it is beneficial to all those have reduced vagina elasticity due to:


  • Aging

  • Obesity

  • Cigarette smoking

  • Giving birth

  • Undergoing hysterectomy


What to expect during treatment?

After booking a consultation, you will meet a fully trained, femal aesthetician who will answer all the questions you may have, in privacy. You are under no obligation to proceed with the treatment. If you agree to proceed, the treatment is carried out within 20 minutes. Anesthesia is not required as the treatment is only mildly discomfort. There is no down time so you can get back to normal life immediately. You usually need only one or two treatments. You start seeing results after one or two month and this can last up to two years.


How does this compare to laser vaginal tightening?

Ultrasound tightening is absolutely non-invasive, as oppose to laser tightening, whereas the laser will create micro burns on the surface of you vagina to stimulate healing and new collagen formation. Laser tightening has lengthy recovery period, one or two weeks.

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